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    Great idea. A bit tricky because in Good Noows the articles have different scroll heights depending on the applied visual style. But we’ll look into it. In the short term we are working on an “Mark all as read” button, which you could use after having scrolled through the stream of articles.

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    Peter Deutschmann commented  · 

    I would also really need this feature. For example I have a picture "stream" where I just want to see a picture once. Sicne there are more than 400 pictures each day, I usually don't manage to look at all of them each time I scroll through this feed. So, it would be great to have them marked as read automatically when they were displayed. Of course it's tricky in some display modes, but for example in comic strip view it'd be a bit easier, or?
    This would be the killer feature, I need to completely switch to Good Noows.