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Signing in every day sucks

Almost every time i click on my link I have to sign in - other times I just click on my favourites and up comes my feed - why cant this be consistent?

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under review  ·  AdminDaniel Franz (CEO / Founder, Good News) responded  · 

Hmm, you should stay logged in pretty much forever. It happens that your session gets destroyed when we make a deploy but if you have to sign in every day then something is wrong.

Is your browser configured to clear cookies/cache regularly or every time you close it?

Which browser and operating system are you using?

Which sign-in method are you using with Good News (Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, direct email/password sign-in)?


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    Daniel's correct. Your browser's cookies are getting cleared, you're using a private/incognito window to view the site, or you're using an add-on which blocks cookies.

    Investigate those reasons to determine which is the cause of your forced sessional sign in.

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