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  1. I've been using GoodNoows for some time now. I like the 'newspaper' interface. And the wide range of layouts available. Also the Newstand feature is very nifty. However the interface does looks a little dated now. I first tried goodnoows in 2010 and it still looks more or less the same.

    You could do away with the 'rounded' look and bring in a cleaner minimalitic 'flat' style thats being implement with Metro/Modern Ui and Google Holo/Card UI. A new font might not be bad idea either.

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    The design changed since 2010 but only small changes. I agree with your opinion and I’m working on a more modern design. But this is blocked by some more deeper changes, involving mobile and more responsive design. I promise to get it done asap.

    UPDATE: I launched a new, flatter design. Got rid of most of the background patterns and images, without loosing the newspaper UX – I think. I’m still working on some deeper optimizations but am already interested in your feedback.

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